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Theme In The Novel


Real courage and bravery is when you fight for something you believe in no matter what the consequences may be for yourself . This theme of courage and bravery is shown clearly  throughout the novel through the character of Atticus Finch. He is an honest lawyer and one of the main characters in ”To kill a mockingbird”.

His show of bravery starts off when he confronts the “mad dog” when it was almost going to attack the people. He took the gun, shot the dog and saved the day. he did this despite the danger he put himself in. ( From Part 1)

His courage is further seen when he decides to take on the case of Tom Robinson, a black man who was wrongly accused of rape. Many people in Maycomb disapproved of this because they had racist views, but he does this anyway. He faces an angry mob outside the jail where Tom Robinson was held. They demanded that he dropped the case but he says no in a polite way, but remains strong about his views to defend Tom Robinson. (From part1). His involvement with the case starts to affect his children Jem and Scout. They end up getting racist remarks and insults at school. This results in fights between Scout and the other students at her school and she does this to defend her father. Atticus then speaks to Scout and tells her to be brave by not fighting and that non-violence is a high form of bravery and courage. ( From part 1 leading into Part 2)

Atticus knows that he will lose the case but his strong motivation and determination  to stand by the truth gives him the courage to defend Tom Robinson. He also takes on the case to show the town they can choose if they want to hear the truth or not. Atticus showed true bravery when he went against the town of Maycomb which  has racial prejudices against black people. All he wanted for the town of Maycomb to see, was the truth about Tom. “This boy might go to the chair, but he’s not going till the truth is told’’. ( From Part 2)

Alexandra, his sister, showed disappointment  for his decision because she felt he was showing disgrace to their family. ( From Part 2)

Atticus went through with everything no matter what happened to him and he did not change his mind about defending Tom Robinson. Standing up for what he believed in was more important  to him than what everyone else thought of him.

Sources: To Kill Mockingbird






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