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Lawyers Closing Argument


Lawyers closing argument
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen of the jury today is the day we close this re-trial of Tom Robinson after hearing all the facts.
No one else faced a threat on this day. The only person that did,was my client Tom Robinson. Tom had done what he had to do in order to help Mayella Ewell that day and like he always did every day. According to the judge and the jury and everyone in Maycomb , Tom Robinson actually raped Mayella, when in fact there was no such evidence. Instead of everyone judging the defendant’s action, we are now going to analyze this event from the client’s point of view and how it happened.
As character witnesses have shown in this trial, Tom Robinson is clearly an upright, truthful and kind person who would not even hurt a fly. In other words, my client would never use force on Mayella, or for that matter any other person. The girl actually came at him because she felt tempted to do so. She kissed a black man, which in our society is unspeakable.

My client had no choice but to defend himself from her, because he was shocked at what happened and he was trying to get away from her. Here we can clearly see that he had no intentions of hurting Mayella, but rather he was defending himself because something was happening to him. Tom Robinson has been judged by everyone around him because of his race and colour. He has been judged because he is a Black man. Sadly, much of our society today still carries with them racial prejudices and passes judgement based on this instead of looking at the real issue and its facts. Have we gone so far that we will pass judgement, based on our prejudices rather than the facts in front of us? My client was found guilty of this serious offence of having raped a woman, despite all the evidence that showed he did not do it. Everyone that knew Tom knew he was not guilty, they said nothing in his defence because they thought that taking a white man’s side was the right thing to do. But we know, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, that this is not right. We know that if a man is not guilty, whether he is black or white or yellow or any colour he should be set free!

I appeal to your sense of humanity and truthfulness and ask that, based on all the facts presented to you, that you set Tom Robinson free.



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